I have a script that checks the CA dispatch page for current Highway 17 traffic incidents and filters out other highways while querying both Golden Gate and Monterey Dispatch centers.

(Sometimes there is noise for things like "17 Mile Drive" in Monterey, since incidents are occasionally posted with just the number "17" for the highway. The text search is intentionally loose to catch and report incidents referencing highway 17 in the interest of better coverage, even if at the expense of some false negatives. Caveat emptor.)

Highway 17 has coverage split between the Monterey Dispatch Center, which fields calls and dispatches CHP officers to incidents in Santa Cruz County (south of summit), and the Golden Gate Dispatch Center, which fields calls and incidents for Santa Clara County (north of summit).

The Caltrans districts follow roughly the same line of delineation, with District 5 covering Santa Cruz and other coastal counties to the south, and District 6 covering the Bay Area and beyond (inland over the east bay hills and north to wine country).

Caltrans District 5 Road Information, including planned lane closures. NOTE that they are not necessarily very good about updating the page before Monday of that week... District 5 doesn't have many traffic cameras; there are two that show traffic around the fishhook, aka junction of highway 1 and highway 17: (from http://video.dot.ca.gov/)
Hwy 1 West of Emeline, apparently facing East
Hwy 1 East of Morrissey, apparently facing West
Hwy 17 at the Fishhook
Hwy 17 at Ocean St

Caltrans District 4 Planned Lane Closures is updated more timely but also covers a larger area and is only available in pdf format. HINT: scan for the highway number in the particular county that interests you. Additionally, highlighted status on projects and larger-impact lane closures can also be found on the Caltrans District 4 Landing Page.

Weather-related road closures in the Santa Cruz area can be found on http://sccroadclosure.org/ (see map for district labels and their corresponding territory). Construction schedules for activity on local surface streets in Santa Cruz can be found on either the county site or the Santa Cruz Public Works Traffic Conditions & Major Road Projects.

Traffic cameras for District 4 are here, and pretty much only cover Peninsula, North and East bays.

Current incidents are listed on the California Dispatch site, which is extremely up-to-date (thank you!) and available at http://cad.chp.ca.gov/. For Golden Gate Dispatch, select "Golden Gate"; for Monterey Dispatch, select "Monterey", under Communication Centers.

I find KCBS radio (AM 740) to have the best in-car reporting for Highway 17, despite the roadsigns promoting AM 810 for traffic updates. However, KCBS receives most of their reports from commuters and they don't always advertise the phone number to call. KCBS also has an excellent Bay Area traffic map, which includes average freeway speeds similar to Yahoo's traffic map button and color-coded clickable incident reports.

To report a traffic incident or roadway obstruction to the radio, call KCBS Traffic at 415-495-5227. To reach the Caltrans-provided (large white) tow trucks, call the Tow Service at 408-272-8765. They used to provide gas and jumpstarts free-of-charge, and may still do so. I believe this service is only provided during weekday commute hours. If you see an accident, obstruction or other roadway hazard that could be life-threatening, call 911.

Other websites reporting traffic and road conditions (some with alerting to mobile devices) include:

Other webcams covering highway 17 at one point in time are as follows:

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