TrafficReport: 3 incidents
GG 00129 3:33 PM  Trfc Collision-No Inj  Sr17 S / Lark Ave Onr  SB 17 JSO LARK  SJ FSP
GG 01555 3:31 PM  Trfc Collision-No Inj  SR17 N / SR17 N SR85 CON  NB 17 AT 85  SJ
MT 00215 3:02 PM Traffic Hazard  Sr17 N / Vine Hill  NB JNO  SC

Report data is current as of Wednesday, 30-Sep-2020 15:50:01 PDT.

To see further detail, check the CHP Traffic Incident Page (California Dispatch Page). You can reference the incident number listed below for the respective dispatch center (GG=Bay Area/Golden Gate, MT=Monterey).

If there is no data listed but a current timestamp, that means there are no incidents to report. Data is refreshed every 5 minutes.

If you click through to get details on an incident and see an error that looks like this: "HTTP 500 - Internal server error" ... it either means the CHP Dispatch site is under heavy load and you should try back in a few minutes, OR it has forgotten about your browser and you should follow the instructions below. If you get a "Page Not Found" or "HTTP 404" error, please let me know as the problem is likely on my side.

It appears the asp application on the site interacts with browsers to set an internal variable, that if not set will likely prevent you from clicking through the incident detail links directly. In this case, please click on the CA Dispatch link at the top of this page to give the application what it needs, then come back to click on incident details...

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